Opus winner Bertil Mark: “No feelings, no ideas”

Bertil Mark Lichtdesign

A picture, an nice song and Bertil Marks inner cinema starts. He is a lighting designer with heart and soul, has worked with Sportfreunde Stiller, Sarah Brightmann, Selig, Zemfira, The Notwist, Melody Gardot and Gentleman. At Prolight + Sound 2012 he won the Opus Award. In an interview he tells us about his work.

You say that in your work you let the light play to the music and not the other way around. What meaning does light have for you?

Since I started to tinker with it at 15, it has become a huge part of my life. It is wonderful to be able to bring music and light to an emotional whole, and I am thankful that through my work, I am able to see the world.

2012 you won the Opus Award at Prolight + Sound for your Sportfreunde Stiller lighting technology. What did that award mean to you?

The award brought my work with lighting to a "more serious" level, and I was thrilled that the hard work of the entire team was honored. That really moved me.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?

Mostly it is the music, or a picture, a feeling that I develop and through that an excitement, almost like falling in love with a lot of feelings and passion. Then I know that I can add something positive. If I don't feel anything, then I also don't have any ideas.

And what lies ahead?

I always have lots of pictures in my head and then I turn them into realistic ideas with the artists. Fortunately, they all have a lot of trust in me. I especially like the little "accidents", the not foreseeable problems with the technology. That reminds me to stay open minded and awake, to always be able to deal with the current situation.

Thank you very much!

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