Listening Pleasure: The New ProAudio Section

It is said that the wheel does not have to be reinvented. But sometimes it is not so bad to give the wheel a new polish. To mark its 25th anniversary, Prolight + Sound continues to develop and is more strongly divided into the ProStage, ProLight, ProDJ and ProAudio segments. This will consolidate the individual areas. At the beginning of April, all fans of professional audio technology will once again be able to enjoy listening pleasure in hall 8.0.

Central presentation platform for professional audio technology and its applications

Audiotechnik Prolight + SoundAlready last year, the focus was on audio and sound reinforcement in hall 8.0 and the associated outdoor area. This year, this focus will be intensified so that hall 8.0 will become the central presentation platform for professional audio technology and its applications.

The focus here will be on all future solutions for audio and sound reinforcement. In addition, workshops and lectures on mixing, miking and mastering will be held. In particular, future-oriented topics such as IP-based transmission technology and immersive audio applications, as well as sustainability and the promotion of young talent in the audio industry, will have their place here.

Of course, there will also be the popular Live Sound Arenas again. On the outdoor area in front of hall 8.0, companies will once again present their PA systems under real conditions.

New highlights: “Audio + Event Stage” and “Studio Village”

The centre of the ProAudio area will be the new Audio + Event stage. Here, cross-industry topics such as green events, promotion of young talent and event security will find their place. Topics will include "Crisis management / Resilience", "Advantages of High Quality Beam Steering Systems" or "VALtec in LineArray - perfect highs at close and far distances". The complete programme on all stages can be found on the Prolight + Sound page.

Another new feature is the "Studio Village", which focuses on studio recording, sound design and professional audio. Well-known brands from the studio sector will present their products here, including Erwin Strich, Barefoot Sound, Avantone Pro, Towersonic, API Automated Processes, BAE Audio, KMR Audio, Dutch & Dutch, Amphion Loudspeakers ltd., Trinnov Audio and MAAG.

Workshops for the studio scene

Practice-oriented workshops and presentations will take place at the "Studioszene" community stand. Here, internationally successful producers, engineers and artists meet for exchange, networking and workshops. Among others, producer Konstantin Kersting (Tones And I) and sound&recording author Waldemar Vogel (Max Giesinger, Stefanie Heinzmann, Jupiter Jones, Roger Cicero, Helene Fischer) will be on site.

All around the studio scene there will be well-known exhibitors of the Studio Scene 2020 such as Telefunken, MOTU, TubeTech, Finale, Manley, Royer, Drawmer, Vovox and Chandler.

Vintage Concert Audio Show again shows milestones

Prolight + Sound 2019 impressions_5

Impressions from the Vintage Concert Audio Show at the Prolight + Sound 2019

Last year it was an impressive exhibition of audio history. The Vintage Concert Audio Show showed more than 200 exhibits of Concert Audio history from 50 years.

This year, VCA - Vintage Concert Audio Show & Experience joined forces with ISDV - the professional association of the self-employed in the event industry to present themselves with a joint stand and a special show. In the special show, visitors will once again be taken back into the world in front of line arrays and digital consoles and can admire milestones in Concert Audio history.

The Vintage Concert Audio Show will feature everything from the first WEM, Vox and Marshall vocal systems to Martin Modular, Meyer MSL3, Clairbrothers S4 and the first L'Acoustics line array. In addition, a decade-long audio panel takes place every day. Here, sound engineers of the respective time tell their story, philosophize about the technology of the time and answer the questions of the booth visitors.

The ISDV organises subsequent panels with daily changing contents and daily new discussion partners from politics, science and the industry on the topics "Labour and Social Affairs". Daily rates are discussed here as well as bogus self-employment and the future of the industry.

"Audio Maker Square" and "Sound & Recording Lounge"

The "Audio Maker Square" was a great success last year and will be back this year. The special area for the international DIY community includes everything for the self-construction of audio equipment. The area is realized by MakeProAudio GmbH and other partners, who also organize Audio Builder Workshops.

The "Sound & Recording Lounge" is located on an area of about 200 square meters. There, practice-oriented workshops and presentations on all aspects of music production will be held daily. There is also a café for discussions on recording topics.

Pictures: Pietro Sutera, Prolight + Sound editorial team

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