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ProAudio Technology – the brand stands for high-demand, and well-designed sound solutions. Regardless of whether loudspeakers, components, or systems, ProAudio delivered excellent quality, made in Germany. Above all, clients like musicians, bands, or pro-rental firms profit from the technical system characteristics and services offered.

The manufacturer once again impressively demonstrated its promise at “Feuerabend” in Herne, which took place for the third time this year. The entire event was organized by the company MMT Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH from Herne. Of course, only with the systems from ProAudio Technology! Due to the increasing numbers of visitors in the last three years, the sound systems have to be adjusted correspondingly. In order to create the perfect sound, this year the sound came at the stage from the front, back and both sides.

ProAudio Technology – an Overview of the Facts

  • The front PA was realized with a 2 x 6 Array VT20 and 12 x VS18
  • The near sound field was handled by two MT12
  • For the sides, there were MT12, HT16 and SW18 in use
  • Four 20.4-DSP system amplifiers controlled all the systems in front, next to, and behind the stage

The Sound System

The sound system for the music fireworks were realized with two arrays, each made up of eight VT20 elements and a Subarray with eight VS28. Even the sound technicians were surprised about how detailed the VT20 system reproduced the FOH with 52 meters distance. The external areas were handled with VT20 arrays, but also HT16 tops. The VT20 system was controlled with three 20.4-DSP and the two HT16 with a 6.2-DSP.

Florian Kempin on the Sound System Concepts at the “Feuerabend”:

The black boxes from ProAudio Technology are simply fun. It already starts when setting up. Taking everything on dollies and the little box in your hand. The subs are rolled into position directly from the truck, brakes locked, done. The VT20 Tops are pre-adjusted in the dolly, pulled up, down the next dolly, done. Subs and tops with turn boxes save 50 % cable and make the set-up and tearing down even faster. The material from ProAT is unbeatable when it comes to handling and performance.

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