Quickly Install Video Walls with Panasonic

Lower costs, less complexity, time saved: that’s the Panasonic promise with their latest auto camera adjustment upgrade for their free Panasonic Video Wall Manager software. This update calibrates Panasonic video wall displays from the LFV5, LFV50, and LFV70 series automatically using a compatible camera, saving the bother of using sensors and improving the wall’s colour-matching.

“Currently, installers need to adjust each panel for colour and brightness individually using a sensor, which is time-consuming, requires specialist knowledge, and in some cases does not produce completely accurate results,” explained Eduard Gajdek, product manager Panasonic Visual Systems Solutions. “After activating Auto Camera Adjustment in Video Wall Manager, the installer connects a compatible camera, photographs the video wall, and the software analyses backlight control and white balance to colour-match each panel with precision.”

Settings on all displays are automatically calibrated and saved. That means that if one of the panels has to be swapped out, the entire video wall won’t then have to be manually recalibrated – a real time-saver.

Panasonic Video-Wall-Manager

Video Wall Manager is available as a free download from Panasonic’s PASS website. On the other hand, the Auto Camera Adjustment kit requires the purchase of an activation code and can only be used on one PC. Whether the added capabilities are worth it is a decision that the engineer in charge of the video wall will have to make, but on paper at least it should be a step forward in convenience.


Anyone who works regularly with two or more Panasonic projectors might also be interested in the optional Camera Upgrade Kit for Panasonic’s multi-projector software, which uses the same camera technology to make installing projectors easier.

source: www.diereferenz.de, Panasonic

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