Sapphire Compact: The New Radio Mixing Console from Lawo

Lawo have taken it one step further: thanks to unprecedented demand, their new on-air mixing console ‘sapphire compact’ is now available internationally. It can come as no surprise – with a choice of eight or twelve faders and a host of unique features, Lawo’s pint-sized console packs a powerful punch.

Big things come in small packages: sapphire compact

One of the on-air console’s best features is its simplified workflow. Fast-paced live radio broadcasts can be managed with ease using the integrated VisTool 5.0 software suite, which makes visual monitoring of the console functions possible and allows instant control of the innovative feature suite. This makes the sapphire compact ideal for radio with audience participation and fast-paced interaction.

It’s also easy to set up customer-specific status displays, with VisTool 5.0 handling tablet and touchscreen based input and console controls with ease. This latest version also includes sophisticated rights management tools.

The autogain function makes it easy to manage news and talk shows that require multiple microphones. The dynamic range of microphone preamps can be optimised with ease, all at the touch of a button. As a result, it’s child’s play to create a smooth mix from several microphones.

The automix function is a DSP algorithm developed in house by Lawo. It makes producing content an almost fully automatic process, allowing presenters to concentrate on creative rather than technical aspects, and prepare for the next section of the programme.

These features are joined by a unique layering feature which makes multitasking possible. It makes it possible to be live on air and still take care of additional tasks such as voice tracking, phone call editing and light production.

The console comes in two versions – either as a desktop or flush mounted. The sapphire compact boasts a full range of analogue and digital inputs and outputs as well as Baseband and AoIP. Top-quality signal processing can be thanked to the RAVENNA/AES67 compatible 19”/1HE processing unit, powered by the compact 1RU Lawo mixing engine.
Try the sapphire compact and see for yourself!

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