Sarah Cox of d3 Technologies: “Worthwhile investment“

This year, the British company d3 Technologies was making its fourth appearance at the Prolight + Sound. With a 13 x 4-metre stand and a 21-strong team manning it, the company could hardly pass unnoticed at this gathering of movers and shakers within the industry. We spoke to Sarah Cox, d3 Technologies' Sales Director EMEA, about the significance of the Prolight + Sound and the trade fair philosophy of this innovative company.

The interview was conducted by Gunther Matejka.

Sarah Cox, d3 Technologies' Sales Director EMEA

Sarah Cox, d3 Technologies' Sales Director EMEA

1. How long have you been exhibiting at the Prolight + Sound, and how satisfied were you with how it went this year?

This was our fourth year at the show. Last year, we took a break to concentrate on the development of our new generation of media tools.
We were very satisfied with the new layout of Hall 4. Combining video and lighting and removing the block with the major lighting brands from the entrance to the hall was a good way of giving the fair a hybrid format. Nowadays, it's more of a community; the individual segments are no longer treated in isolation, the way they were in the past. It's become more close-knit.

2. What were the main messages you were seeking to convey with your trade fair presentation, and were you successful in getting them across to your target group?

The main emphasis this year was on the new d3 logo and giving visitors a sneak preview of the new d3 brand message. In the way of new products, we presented the gx series for the first time this year – a new reference in the field of media platform hardware power.
Our target group is our community: our sales, rental and user network. We wanted this year to be all about conversing with them. For this reason, it was a highly successful fair for us. Our partners came and spent time with us.

3. How important is a trade fair like the Prolight + Sound to your communication strategy?

The Prolight + Sound is the most important trade fair for our live event customers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The timing of the Prolight + Sound in the calendar as well as its location make it the perfect opportunity to make a statement about where we stand and fill visitors in on what to expect in the coming year.

4. A trade fair appearance costs a lot of money. Was it a worthwhile investment?

Yes, if we're clear about what we were seeking to accomplish. We began the year 2017 with a very powerful message that we wanted to get over, and we needed a platform like this to present it.

5. What things do you need to bear in mind in the run-up to a trade fair? What constitutes essential preparation in your view?

The main things are: the assignment of personnel (deciding who to bring); getting new products and software ready on time; the marketing message we want to get across; sending out invitations to our community; and organizing a community event at our stand on one of the evenings, so that we can get together in a relaxed atmosphere.

6. What's special in your opinion about the Prolight + Sound, and what was your own best memory of the show?

What's special for me about the Prolight + Sound is that it's a fair in which the primary focus is on the live events sector, and where the various exhibitors are eager to break down barriers between traditional groups within the industry. Other things I like about this show in particular are the time of year when it takes place and how easy it is to get to.
For me, the best experience was our stand party, where we could intermingle with members of our community in a relaxed atmosphere; as an exercise in networking it was hugely valuable to us. I also liked the location of our booth this year: right by the entrance to Hall 4. It allowed us to present our new video technology to everyone entering the hall. Placing Video and Visual Content in the entrance area made a powerful statement regarding the growing importance of these aspects of live event design.

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