Shotgun Microphone: MiniCMIT from Schoeps

Shotgun microphones: the MiniCMIT is the small version of the CMIT 5 and with it, the newest member of the CMIT series from Schoeps. In the industry, the shotgun microphone is very well-known for very good original sound. The CMIT series combines three models, all of which have the same interference capsule that has very high response with minimal coloration of off-axis signals.

Special highlight: The MiniCMIT as well as the CMIT 5 have nearly the same analog electronics. This means the two microphones can be exchanged or parallel without and any alteration in the sound.

An Overview of Shotgun Microphones:

High suppression of diffuse sound
Very well-suited for music recordings
Sound remains unchanged when the microphone is rotated on its longitudinal axis
Firm lowcut at 70 Hz/24 dB/oct.
P48 / >24 V phantom power
Sensitivity of 16.5 mV/Pa
Maximum sound pressure level: 130 dB
Length and diameter: 151 x 21 mm
Weight: 78 g | Includes wood case, stand mount SG 20 and W 140B foam windscreen


The CMIT 5 was already introduced in 2005 and sounded the start of the complete series. Soon thereafter, the

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