SHOWTECH goes Prolight: Aaand Action!


SHOWTECH is going to be represented for the first time at next year’s Prolight + Sound 2015. The PLS team has asked Regine Hergersberg, managing director of Germany’s ‘The Filmmakers’ Federal Society of Film Industry Associations (Die Filmschaffenden – Bundesvereinigung der Filmschaffenden-Verbände e.V.what we can expect at Messe Frankfurt between April 15th and 18th 2015.

Why should the film industry be represented at the Frankfurt Trade Fair?

Regine Hergersberg: Film is a multidisciplinary affair, one not quite like any other form of creative expression. All the areas of expertise that are combined in the production of a film are intertwined and dependent on each other. This is what ‘The Filmmakers’, as the umbrella organisation for the film and TV industry, is presenting at PLS, this connection between technology, creativity, and organisation.

What can visitors expect that will be new to Prolight?

Hergersberg: We will be putting on events for non-specialist visitors who happen to be interested in film, as well as for industry insiders. One of the core themes of the Film Industry Associations is, of course, social security, and another is the training and CPD situation. That doesn’t mean we won’t be entertaining as well as educating: stunt demonstrations, and demos of special effects makeup and camera tests are all under consideration.

What are the current trends in the film branch?

Hergersberg: Innovation is coming from the technical side, rather than from us. But broadly speaking, the trend continues to be higher and higher resolutions both in recording and playback. That means of course that ever higher demands are placed on those working on films, to make their work as realistic as possible.

What are ‘The Filmmakers’ hoping for from Prolight + Sound 2015?

Hergersberg: Our aim is to demonstrate how technology, design, content, and organisation are interlinked. Opportunities and challenges are never far apart. Our own specialist community tends to cut itself off into separate branches, instead of showing just what complex teamwork is needed at a fantastic trade fair like PLS, free from the stress and pressure of production. That’s a subject that we imagine even experienced Prolight visitors will be familiar with.

Thank you very much!

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