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Benjamin Stockloew Smoke Factory

Benjamin Stocklöw, Fog, Smoke & Haze Factory

Robust, reliable and professional "working animals" - those are the fog machines and evaporators of the Fog, Smoke & Haze Factory. Since 1990, the Smoke Factory has been producing professional fog for every type of event. In preparation for the exhibition Prolight + Sound 2017, we talked to Benjamin Stocklöw of Fog, Smoke & Haze Factory.

1. “Dependable. Robust. User-friendly. Made in Germany.” – you place special emphasis on that in the production of your fog machines. What does the label “Made in Germany” mean for you and your clients?

The label “Made in Germany” is extremely important for us and our fog machines. Our products are made for professional users who want to earn money with their equipment. This only works when you can depend on the technology 100 percent.

2. You’re heading towards a 30-year anniversary. How has the industry changed since you have been in business? What kind of potential still exists in this area?

The number of events per year has risen extremely, and the industry has become highly professionalized. There is fundamentally more attention paid to maintaining security standards that didn’t even exist 30 years before. This is very welcome, and is advantageous for our companies. The founding of Smoke Factory occurred after taking a glance at a smoke machine back then and spontaneously deciding it could be done better. It would be beneficial for all up us if the continuous price dumping would be reduced.

3. How many times have you been an exhibitor at Prolight + Sound?

We were represented at Prolight + Sound for the first time in 1992. We’ve been there every year since then, and it’s always like a big reunion. The fair is one of the most important for our field, which is why it’s basically a requirement for us to have a stand. Beyond the German visitors, of course the international audience is very interesting for us.

4. Looking forward to Prolight + Sound 2017: can you give the visitors a small hint of what they can expect?

This year at Prolight + Sound we will present a new fog fluid that we developed specially for our floor fog machine, the Carpet Crawler. This makes it possible to produce cloud-like fog that still dissolves before it becomes warm and would rise. In addition, we are producing the final version of our new 3 kW fog machine.

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