Sennheiser wins the Design Competition

design competitionWhether boldly colourful or in noble design – flashy DJ Headphones can be seen everywhere on the German streets, even long after they had to make room for their smaller in ear counterparts, the headbuds , in the early 90’s.Since their revival, the DJ Headphones are no longer just a technical device, but have become much more of a fashion statement. Therefore it is only logical that a representative from this category is one of the winners of this year’s international design competition.

With its minimalistic design out of stainless steel and leather, the lifestyle headphones “Momentum” from Sennheiser not only produce wonderful sound, but will also be awarded the iF Product Design Award 2013 on February 22, 2013. In addition, the audio specialist from the Hannover area will also take home, to Lower Saxony, two more prizes in the category “Audio / Video”. The In-Ear- Receiver “IE800” and the digital earphone amplifier “HDVD 800” can do more than just produce good sound. We congratulate them and are excited about the wonderful sound performance. We also look forward to the excellent product designs at Prolight + Sound in 2013.

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