Digital Services for Exhibitors

digital servicesWith their impressive show laser system, they ensure the “aha effect” at mega events as well as at smaller free time and cultural events. Within the industry HB Laser has made a name for itself with its elaborate projections and new laser technology. Last year the professionals also presented themselves in their best light at Prolight + Sound. During the four days at the trade fair, as well as in the online world of the Frankfurt trade show, they presented, among other things, some of their video projections and laser as well as light installations . They are not the only ones who have used the digital services of the trade fair.

Thanks to dexperty exhibitors at Prolight + Sound have the chance to introduce themselves and present their portfolios to customers, buyers and trade visitors. The Trade Fair Frankfurt has created different services and tools to serve this purpose.

Beginning with effective advertising online, including video productions with a professional film team and a complete media package which is packed full of refinements for the exhibitors at Prolight + Sound. We especially recommend productpilot’s online platform. As the name implies, it makes the search for products, services and vendors in various industries much easier. For entrepreneurs and vendors that means being found quicker and making valuable contacts.

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