Studio head phones from beyerdynamic

With their new studio head phones DT 1990 PRO, beyerdynamic was once again able to move its innovative product development one step further. The nearly 100 years of company history makes it one of the leading manufacturers of audio production. beyerdynamics offers a wide spectrum, from headphones to microphones for various contexts. Many of the individual parts are still made by hand. Even the new studio head phones can fulfill its promise of quality. The product overview shows where else it scores points.

Studio head phones DT 1990 PRO bets on Tesla

As an additional model from the ‘Pro’ line, there is also a priority to deliver customers a precise and harmonious result, at the mixer as well as on location. As with its predecessors, the product has the highly refined Tesla technology from beyerdynamic to thank for its sound profile. This is associated with a high level of effectivity and distortion-free playback – but also beyond all signals. The Tesla converter has the incredibly thin copper wires to thank for its quick reaction. The DT Pro 1900 was developed especially for sound-proofed studios. The open construction allows for the maximum to be taken from the sound signal. The titanium-coated acoustic weave displays every control change on the mixer console and in that way, acts as a kind of acoustic magnifying glass.

At the same time, the studio head phones are able to retain a connection to the music. The detailed and spatial playback distinguishes the product as particularly well-suited for music producers and sound technicians and everyone who places an emphasis on the highest sound quality.

No corners were cut on comfort

Despite high sound quality, there were still no corners cut on comfort. This is especially due to the high-tech material the headphones are made of. For example, the ear padding is made of “memory foam” that adjusts exactly to the form of your ears. The special thing: the set also contains exchangeable sound pads to facilitate sound tuning. While one variant provides a neutral, analytic sound, the other makes it easier to adjust to the bass. For those interested, the studio head phones can be obtained at qualified professional shops or online.

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