Technic of the Stars: Clueso’s Stadtrandlichter Tour


“Freidrehen”, “Gewinner”, “Keinen Zentimeter”, “Cello”: Erfurt singer-songwriter Clueso has been tearing up the German charts in recent years, scooping up a series of gold and platinum records in the process. His tours regularly sell out – including his latest Stadtrandlichter (“Lights of the Outskirts”) Tour 2014, which saw the singer on the road from 24 November to 28 December. For his stage appearances, Thomas Hübner (for that is the name in Clueso’s passport) puts his faith in environmentally-friendly technology.

In an interview with Germany’s biggest free organic food magazine, Schrot & Korn, he revealed: “We think a lot, for example, about light bulbs and LEDs, the ways in which you might set a show up, and where it might be possible to do something in an even more sustainable way.” On the Stadtrandlichter Tour, the artist worked with Lotus Lumina, who set up five aluminium truss floating ceiling racks (with a total 85 LITECRAFT TpiX.7 LEDs from LMP) above the moving-head lamps on stage. That made covering a broad spectrum of designs and applications possible – from pure lighting through to depicting video content.

As Lotus Lumina’s Matthias Schüller noted: “The TPiX is a fantastic way to take video content away from the 2D screen and to project it out into the room.”



Picture sources: Lotus Lumina - Rudovsky & Schueller GbR

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