Technic of the Stars: One Direction produces with Lewitt

Mikrofone von Lewitt: One Direction produziert mit Julian BunettaAnglo-Irish boy band One Direction is making waves in the music business right now. New song Fireproof, with almost 1.1 million downloads in 24 hours, was a record breaker. And the five young lads already have a string of hits to their credit, including Story of My Life, Best Song Ever, and Live While We’re Young. Not ones to rest on their laurels, the boys called in some fresh professional expertise during the recording of their latest studio album, Midnight Memories: Julian Bunetta produced 13 of 18 songs on the album using LEWITT microphones.

Lewitt-Microphones for Adele, J.Lo and Black Eyed Peas

Lewitt-microphones were a very important part of the recording process of One Direction’s Midnight Memories album. They really helped shape the sound of the record. LEWITT mics offer me a diversity and quality that I have not found anywhere else. They allow me to manipulate sound any way I want. With LEWITT mics, there are no boundaries!” said Bunetta.

“The background vocal sound on Story of My Life is also another standout moment for me. On the first pre-chorus when the ‘oohs’ come in, there is so much space and it feels so lush. That was obviously the LCT 640.” The DTP 640 also saw action during recording (and according to Bunetta, counts among the best microphones that LEWITT has ever made), as well as combinations of an LCT 340, an APC 512c, an LCT 540, and a Neve 1073.

The enormous popularity of LEWITT microphones can be seen year on year at Prolight + Sound, where the Austrian microphone experts regularly present their latest products. It’s not just the behind-the-scenes specialists who have taken LEWITTs to heart: stars like Adele, The Black Eyed Peas, Oomph! and Jennifer Lopez have been convinced by the first class quality levels and stage performance of LEWITT microphones.

Picture source: Lewitt

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