Technology from HB Laser in Dripstone Cave

The multimedia installation from HB Laser is currently a real highlight for visitors to the stalactite cave in Ledenika, Bulgaria. The cave was equipped with laser, audio and video technology, fog machines, LED lighting, as well as monitors for the installation. The project was supported by funds from the European Union and HB Laser as well as the local partner ‘Factor’, from Sofia, responsible for the entire installation.

Challenge in the cave

The multimedia vision is an additional attraction in the cave. The difficulty of such an expansive and complex implementation of this technology was predominantly due to the high humidity in the cave. Special areas, as well as the light, video and laser technology in addition to the loudspeaker systems had to be specially protected and insulated from the dripping water.

HB-Laser not only implemented the technical equipment, but was also responsible for the complete multimedia control and wiring of the whole installation. This utilised five waterproof main control boxes IP67 with air-conditioning for the control unit. In addition, a 6m water screen was installed in the main hall. The projections were created with a 7,000 ANSI lumen video projector and two waterproof laser systems (HB Laser LC-851 RGB 5.5 IP68). In addition to that, 110 RGBW LED spots and wash lights have been installed – all IP68 waterproof. The spectacular lighting setup was flanked by a powerful PA speaker system that was used for the show as well as for explanatory purposes.

Technology in the side halls and tunnels

The side halls and shafts are also used for the show. Here additional 120 RGBW LED spots as well wash lights were used. The technology from HB Laser even transports the visitors in a side hall directly next to a volcano, which is produced by the waterproof laser projector (LC-851 RGB 5.5 IP68). An additional highlight is the projection of the fairy of the Lake of Desire on another wall with a 3,000 ANSI lumen projector.

Source: HB-Laser

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