Technology of the Stars: Pink flying high with Sennheiser

Pink Sennheiser Mikro Grammys

When the singer Pink goes on stage, the audience can have high expectations. And so the power voice singer of such chart topping songs as “True Love”, “Try” and “Just  Give Me a Reason” was going to do things in style at this year's Grammy Awards. In her performance she did an acrobatic show high above the 20,000 spectators, she got help with the technology from the experts at the Wedemaker audio company Sennheiser.

Pink turned and twirled thru the air over the head of the crowd at her performance. “That's why we needed an absolutely dependable microphone and an in ear monitor system, that not only sounds good, but is as inconspicuous as possible,” said Jon Lewis, Pink's monitor engineer.

A special monitor system with integrated song microphone was created. “The combination was extremely sturdy and created a wonderful sound. For us it was reassuring to know that she could completely count on it.”

Sennheiser at the Prolight 2014

The antenna system Phoenix 8 with 10 arrays was used. “The only thing I still had to worry about were the broadcast effects which would have occurred because of putting the transmitter on her costume and body,” said Dave Bellamy, in charge of the HF-coordination at the Grammys. “The Sennheiser SK 5212 sends very well under difficult conditions, and it is small. In contrast to other pocket transmitters, it doesn't matter if you place it directly on the body, and that's what I like about it.”

The collaboration between Pink's team and Sennheiser has been working well for years. “We have a great relationship with Sennheiser, like with a good friend where you can stop by anytime.” says Lewis. “It doesn't matter where we are touring, we know there is always someone from Sennheiser there, who we ask for help.”

Sennheiser will present the newest products on Prolight + Sound 2014 in hall 8.0 on Stand A70.

Picture source: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/getty images

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