Technology of the Stars: Unheilig Swears by Sennheiser


Songs like “Geboren um zu leben”, “Unter deiner Flagge” , and “So wie du warst” made German rockers Unheilig famous. Their trademark is moving lyrics about the highs and lows of the human condition. Lead singer Der Graf has won millions of fans with his unique voice, including more than 28,000 visitors to this year’s Classic Open Air Festival at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. Real expertise was needed to produce the right sound for the event, especially given the challenging noise pollution controls in place. Look no further then, than famed Wedemark audio experts Sennheiser.

Unheilig in Berlin: The Technology Behind the Concert at a Glance

For several years now, Der Graf has been able to rely on his specially adapted Sennheiser SKM 2000 wireless microphone with MMD 945 microphone head. “We swap out the microphone up to four times a concert, because the transmission quality of the capsule is impaired by moisture,” said Unheilig audio technician Bernd Michael Tombült. “Sennheiser have provided us with customised capsules that have an extra layer of moisture proofing, but retain exactly the same sound quality as the standard version.”

Sennheiser also provided A 1031 U antennae connecting to EM 2050 twin receivers. The toms were fed into e 908 microphones, which according to Tombült “did precisely the job they were designed for” and impressed not only with their sound quality but also the flexibility with which they could be positioned. One of the two guitar speaker cabinets was equipped with two Sennheiser e 906 instrument microphones.

Unheilig delivered a first class show – despite the challenging location. The maximum permitted sound level was just 75 dB – the Gendarmenmarkt and the surrounding area is entirely residential. An unusual situation for the fans, but one that took nothing away from their enjoyment of the concert. In contrast, they got a sneak preview of the upcoming Unheilig album with the song “Goldrausch”; and during the grand finale, almost the entire audience sang along to the smash hit “Geboren um zu leben”.

Unheilig at the Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

Berlin_Gendarmenmarkt_Classic Open_Unheilig

 Unheilig audio technician Bernd Michael Tombült


Twin receivers EM 2050

Sennheiser_Handsender_Doppelempfänger EM 2050

Guitar speaker cabinets with two Sennheiser e 906

Gitarrenboxen_Sennheiser e 906_Unheilig

 Snaredrum with Sennheiser e 904

Unheilig_Snaredrum_Sennheiser e 904

Picture sources: Sennheiser

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