The First Live Fair Talk

The first Live Fair Talk was a smashing success for moderator Norbert Stangl from Laserworld. In addition to the goal of exchanging information from various places in event technology, there was also a focus on networking bringing together specialists from the event industry.

The live talk show was streamed parallel on Facebook and YouTube, making it possible for viewers to contribute interactive comments and messages. The technical realization was very interesting because both channels were set up on one streaming server. According to Norbert Stangl, “We consciously chose both channels so that we could reach a wider audience. The YouTube stream had a higher visual quality, but the Facebook stream offers a higher rate of interaction.”

The participants

In order to offer a wide range of topics, talk show guests from various shareholders found their way to the couch in Hall 5.0. Norbert Stangl and Jan Scholten moderated the Live Talk from stage223. Michael Biwer participated in the conversation as an official representative of Prolight + Sound. Additional participants were the YouTuber Johnathan Lewis (also well-known as DJ Tutor), Jan Eiserloh from Laserfabrik, Michael Giegerich from Bright! as well as Nico Deutschland from stage223.
The streams were divided into two blocks: first there were topics discussed in German, and after about half the time, there was a switch to English to accommodate international visitors. The one-and-a-half hour of talk dealt with topics including technical improvements of the products on display as well as the continued development of the trade fair. The talk was loosened up by the questions from the audience on social media.


Even if Norbert Stangl expressed a very positive assessment, he is already considering how the Live Fair Talk can be optimized: “in general, I really thought it went well and we had a certain flow. After a while, we will analyze the conversation and draw conclusions from our insights for the coming year. For example, the German and English streams could be divided or the guests distributed in some other way.”

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