The hightlights from Prolight + Sound Shanghai

LED-Licht-Prolight-ShanghaiWhile the preparations for Prolight + Sound 2014 in Frankfurt are running at full speed, Shanghai is taking stock. 444 exhibitors from 17 countries presented their companies and their newest products in the audio, lighting and event categories at Prolight + Sound Shanghai. Nearly 24,000 visitors came to the Shanghai News International Expo Centre from October 10-13, 2013. The biggest fair trend included LED.

According to the exhibitors, the energy savings pact is the driving force behind the popularity of the LEDs. “This year we saw an increased number of visitors who were looking for the latest technology breakthroughs in LED screen panels and other lighting products,” said Fiona Chiew, manger of the Prolight & Sound Trade Show in Shanghai. Johan Gotthardsson, director of the Swedish light and sound importer Ljudia Sound & Light added, “I know that if a new product appears here, then it’ll appear in Europe one year after, so it’s very important for me to pick the products here first.”

Trade Fair Frankfurt ensures a visitor magnet

Another trend at the fair, “This year is really good for contacts with more South American buyers interested in our products.  They are looking for equipment for big events,“ says Truth Leem of Leem Products Co. Ltd. Tina Xu of Topled Lighting Electronics Limited also noted the interest from specific nationalities. “The total condition of the world market for this industry nearly stops growing, only Japanese and Chinese market are still growing fast. Therefore the Chinese market is a bis target for us.”

In addition to various presentations and demonstrations at the stands, the technical installation ATMOSHPERE, a dome made of LED screens in which the visitors could project different pictures and ambiences, was a hit at the Prolight Shanghai. The idea was initiated at the Frankfurt Trade Fair and brought to life by students at the University of Hong Kong. Will you also be able to see it at the 2014 PLS Frankfurt? Wait and see!








Picture sources: Messe Frankfurt

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