The Magic of Light, Sound and Multimedia Installations

magicAs the sun sets over the Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook in Quebec and the day draws to a close, the forest awakes. Tiny yellow lights dance through the air like fireflies, accompanied by a mystical natural orchestra. As if by magic, the Canadian forest is flooded with an eerie light, dangerous beasts seem to appear, and a fire breaks out. All just an illusion! And a stunning one at that. Foresta Lumina – for that is the name of this extraordinary installation – is a walk in the woods that brings stories to life a whole summer long. 

High Tech Hidden in the Enchanted Forest

It’s all brought to life by new media and entertainment studio Moment Factory, which has previously worked with some pretty big names, including Madonna, Disney, and Cirque du Soleil. Always ready to make things happen, Moment Factory has made Canada’s forests their stage to merge video, lighting, architecture, sound, and special effects into one unique experience, demonstrating how the creative potential of technology can be exploited without making it the focus of attention. “We try keep any equipment we use as well hidden as possible, to keep the installation’s magical atmosphere intact,” explained Moment Factory’s Multimedia Director, Marie Belzil. 

And they’ve pulled it off. The lighting in Parc de la Gorge has been designed to look like fairies. Natural materials were used to create display surfaces for projection mapping, and speakers were so well integrated into the whole that they’re easily overlooked.

The trail through the illuminated fairy-tale woods stretches for more than a mile. The path is one of the most popular in all Quebec – it is famous in fact for its suspended footbridge, the longest in North America. Parc de la Gorge will continue to be enchanted by Foresta Lumina until October 12th.

Those not lucky enough to be able to visit might be interested in this video. Lights off, headphones on – and off to the enchanted forest!

Picture source: Screenshot

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