Tip 2: Mobile, Online and Connected with Prolight + Sound 2013 Services

Tip 2These days there is hardly anyone who is not connected to the internet on their mobiles. Clearly Prolight + Sound 2013 is jumping on the bandwagon and is offering its visitors several services to make their visit to the trade fair more convenient and flexible. It starts at the electronic “check-in” for the exhibitors, includes the product search and uncomplicated internet access on site.
Visitors can easily buy their ticket for the trade fair using the mobile ticketing method. After a quick registration, you can buy your tickets and with the help of a link have them sent directly to your mobile. Then you can start your day at the trade fair ecofriendly and stress free.
The free app “Prolight + Sound Navigator” is just as convenient and extremely practical. With it you will have an overview of the entire trade fair programme and the location of many exhibitors right on your own Smartphone. No more searching in vain or flipping through pages!

Since apps, e-tickets, etc. only work with an internet connection, the entire Frankfurt Trade Fair area has a free Wi-Fi connection. Under you can find all the information you need to the Wi-Fi.

On that note, and thanks to the apps, we wish you an enjoyable and uncomplicated visit to the trade fair!

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