Tip 3: How, What, Where- Hall Plan 2013

Tip 3Certainly many of you are visiting the trade fair yet again and are therefore true Prolight fans. Surely you know Prolight + Sound area like the back of your hand. Yet, this year there are some changes. Therefore, we would like to give you the new hall plan information, so that you are very well equipped and can find everything!
Prolight + Sound 2013 is once again divided into the categories: “Audio and Stage” in Hall 8.0 and “Lights and Stage” in Hall 9.0. Hall 9.1, International Sourcing, which we will explain in more detail in another blog, is new this year. Everything surrounding “Lighting and Effects” is still in Hall 11.0. The exhibitors are in their corresponding halls. Publishers, organizations and service companies are in the gallery 0 and 1.

In the open air site, Concerts and Portable Sound, you can be filled with sound and see the technology in action. Prolight + Sound Conference will be held in Halls 9.T and 9.1 this year. The event plaza is located in Hall 11.0-North.

You can download and print the hall plan at: http://pls.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/de/besucher/messegelaende.html. Naturally you can find further information at Prolight + Sound homepage.

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