Tip 4: Frankfurt city info

Tip 4The trade fair is quickly approaching, and in the few days before it starts, we want to give you some more valuable tips. This time we are not focusing on Prolight + Sound itself, rather on the city in which it is held. Frankfurt am Main does not only have a huge convention center, but also a snazzy city center with numerous restaurants and endless shopping.
In the host city the lights do not go off early, even if the doors of Prolight + Sound have long been closed for the day. So, the motto for the adventurous is “hustle and bustle here we come”!

For dinner you can find a lovely locality in the restaurant guide, or you can simply relax with one of the ample spa and wellness offerings. For those of you would rather learn a bit more about the city itself, you can visit one of the many sights and get to know the city in more detail. For those of you who still have strength in your legs, you should dash to the nearest shopping center.

With all of these things to do, even we are going to have to be careful that we don’t stay up too long. Ultimately, we want to be wide awake each morning, so that we can report to you live from the trade fair.

Picture source: Screenshot www.frankfurt.de

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