Total 360 Pleasure: Samsung’s new ‘Ring Radiator’ speakers


These new 360° speakers from Samsung promise a listening experience that is out of the ordinary. The consumer electronics giant is planning to take on the audio market in 2015 and has already started introducing its latest product ranges. These include the innovative WAM7500/6500 series speakers, which are designed to provide what Samsung describes as a “rich-bodied sound experience”. The new audio concept from the global heavyweight is revealed in the design itself: unlike traditional speakers, Samsung’s latest developments are egg-shaped. Instead of projecting sound in just one direction, they fill an entire room.

Portable model with integrated battery

This ‘360° sound’ is made possible by proprietary ‘Ring Radiator’ technology. This is designed to allow sound to flow seamlessly in a 360° radius with a perfect balance between treble and bass. As Samsung senior vice president Jurack Chae put it: “We know how much people love music and that’s why we are expanding our portfolio to bring high-quality, wireless audio into the home. With the new WAM7500/6500 people can enjoy a vibrant sound wherever they are.”

The new ovoid speakers, which were developed in part in Samsung’s new state of the art audio lab in Valencia, California, are set to be released in two variants: stand (WAM7500) and movable (WAM6500). The portable WAM6500 will be equipped with a battery. The speakers are constructed using high-spec materials to ensure not only that they make a pleasing addition to any home, but that they produce the best sound quality possible - be that at home or on the move. Both models can be connected to TVs, soundbars and mobile devices wirelessly and fuss-free.

Details on pricing and availability have yet to be released.

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