TW AUDiO: Success in Arabian market

TW AUDIOLighting and sound are key to the success of any public event, and TW AUDiO partner IAC Qatar was on hand to provide the sound and lighting systems for the 4th Katara Traditional Dhow Festival in Qatar. Held thanks to the patronage of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the five-day festival is considered the most exceptional maritime event in the region. The 4th festival took place in November, and was a showcase for Qatar’s maritime heritage and customs requiring a full 400m of Gulf shoreline to do them justice. Several members of the Gulf Cooperation Council also participated.

Clear sound the length of the promenade

TW AUDiO was there right from the planning stage, with EASE Focus 2 software being used to simulate the completed site. Given the unique location and large area to be covered, the sound engineers decided to go with four 9m tall towers. The towers were fitted with arrays of six VERA10s backed up by VERA L24s to provide coverage of almost 100m of Persian Gulf beach. Facing towards the promenade on the other side of the beach, horizontal arrays of three T24s were affixed to the towers. IAC Qatar sound engineer Ndumiso Mkhize explained: “Traditional music here does not usually contain much low-end content, which is why we simply used a couple of B30 and BSX, and this worked out great.”

TW AUDiO’s head of support Michal Poplawski was there to supervise planning and project implementation on-site, and his enthusiasm at working on such a unique cultural event was clear to see: “We are very glad to have such professionals in our constantly growing TW AUDiO family.”

The audio specialists, who exhibited at Prolight + Sound 2014, are no longer confined to the German and neighbouring European markets. Along with countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria, TW AUDiO products and expertise are now also available further afield, in countries like China, Korea, and Qatar.

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