Usage of Drones at Events – Part 2

The use of drones at events is no longer something unusual. In an exclusive multi-part series, we have pulled together six possibilities for how drones can be utilized at events.

4. Drones as Delivery Tool:

Even though it sounds completely crazy at first, it proves to be particularly effective in reality. Drones can be used as delivery tools at events. The possibilities are completely diverse. Food as well as drinks can be distributed at events using intelligent flying objects. Drones that can replace human personal and serve guests things like finger foods. It’s a sight visitors won’t forget very quickly. Drones are highly suited, even for distributing merchandise or invitations.

5. Use of Drones for Advertisement and Sponsoring:

In this case all of the marketing experts are probably rubbing their hands with glee because business representing brands is booming. Regarding branding and brand advertisement, drones offer the unique possibilities to optimally execute this. Several examples are:

    • Drones that make the presents of products from various brands/sponsors into the hand of visitors.
    • With the help of drones, a British florist service had roses dropped between strangers in Verona, Italy, on Valentine’s day. The same concept can also be transferred to other events, only that the roses can be replaced with small, branded gifts from the sponsor.
    • Advertisement banners that can be pulled through the air with drones. In comparison to airplanes, this kind of marketing with drones is a less expensive variant.

There’s no limits for ideas.

6. Drones for Security:

Fun is not the only important factor at big events, but also the security of the guests. There is an increasing use of smart technology to increase the security standards at events. Peoples’ fear has been increasing, especially since the recent terror attacks. Drones can be of assistance here. They are very well-suited for this aim because they offer a better overview on the event grounds. In this way, drones can be installed as an additional pair of eyes, and therefore make incidences more rapidly recognized and controlled.

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