VDT Academy 2014: The program is now online!

The Verband deutscher Tonmeister (VDT) invites you to a free seminar at the Prolight & Sound on March 14, 2014. At the VDT Academy experts from the industry will give you first hand knowledge about their experiences and give information about the newest developments in acoustic and sound technology, trends in film and TV, theater and research and development. It all starts at 10:00am. It takes place in Hall 9.1 in the Esprit Room. The program is sure to have many exciting discussions.

From four channel recording in large concert halls, to emotions in films and practical tips and tricks handling and positioning microphones and recording and mixing drum sets in pop music, the VDT Academy offers a wider repertoire on topics. At the end of the academy, from 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm there will be a round table discussion on “Are Producers Worth It?”. In between there will be plenty of breaks to network and exchange experiences.

The congress is focusing on event planners, system intergration and architects, but of course naturally all other interested visitors are welcome to join us at Prolight + Sound.


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