VR Headphones? The OSSIC X is here

VR – the world of tomorrow! The headphones from OSSIC are capable of more than most of their kind – they can produce a perfect VR audio experience. The sound adapts to the listener’s ears. It’s like you can feel the sound, and experience it from the inside rather than the outside.

VR – In the middle of the action

OSSIC was previously known under the name Sonic VR and as the name suggests is active in the virtual reality (VR) field. This makes their headphones perfect for gamers. FPSs and related genres of games benefit from their headphone technology because it can track the head’s movement and make the game into a more vivid experience.

The VR function is easily explained using the following example. During a game, if you hear a shot fired from the left, you automatically turn your head in that direction. Standard headphones are incapable of picking up on the direction of a sound, so you still hear the shot from the left. The OSSIC X in contrast makes it possible to hear the shot as if it were coming from the front,

It’s not inconceivable that in future games, the field of vision will also be controlled by movements of the head, rather than where the mouse is pointing. The headphone’s movement trackers keep a perfect track of the x, y and z axes. And the headphones are also perfect for Skype conferences and any other situation where the integrated microphone might come in handy. They can also replace a 5.1 sound system making them perfect for watching films – again, the motto is “hear it from the inside.” After all, the primary purpose of headphones is to provide grade A sound quality and an excellent musical experience.

Various sensors analyse the shape of the ear and algorithms calculate how the headphones need to modulate the sound in order to produce the best listening experience.

Cool design and top-quality sound – the OSSIC X is available via crowdfunding for around $249.


Source: OSSIC

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