Wanted: National Newcomer

NewcomerWho doesn't want to stand on a stage in front of an international audience? Many small businesses have enough creative ideas, but they often lack the financial means, to present their ideas at an international lighting fair such as Prolight + Sound. Whether it is the stand rental, stand construction or promotional materials- the costs of participating in a trade fair simply bust many start-ups budget.

That’s why young, innovative businesses can get a part of these costs reimbursed using an aid program from the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). The only requirement for participation in a group stand is that the headquarters and business operations must be in Germany, the company must be in business less than ten years and annual sales must be under ten million Euros. If you meet all of these criteria and have a maximum of 50 employees, you can get a maximum of 80% of your costs for stand rental and construction reimbursed. Since a group stand has to be well planned, those interested should register at least eight weeks before the trade fair begins. That means the end of January for those who would like to participate in a group stand at Prolight + Sound 2013 and fill out the following application with the BAFA. We are already looking forward to innovations made in Germany.

Bildquelle: Screenshot www.news-messefrankfurt.com/nl/promail/02/deutsch/bafa.html

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