Young Talents: The Winners of Future Talents Project

Fashion that makes sounds and frequencies visible, an innovative measurement method for event spotlights, and a self-composed piece of film music – these are the winners of this year’s annual Future Talents Projects. Among other thing the awardees of the youth talent competition could look forward to a guided tour on Young Talents Day Prolight + Sound 2017. We present the three best projects.

Future Talents Project First Place: An Innovation Measurement Technique for Moving Lights

The winner of this year’s talent competition is Stefan Czernik, who developed a measurement technique in the context of his master’s thesis, completely automating the collection of photometric data of moving lights. The talented young man independently developed the necessary measurement software that serves as interface for all components utilized. The software monitors all the measurement devises, controls tested items, and ensures the right chronological sequence. This approach does not only measure the usual parameters such as illuminance, CRI or color coordinates, it also works for lighting, CQS, TLCI, the dimmer curve, or the light distribution of moving lights.

The special feature of my project is that it is designed specifically for headlights of the event sector and provides extensive results, thereby providing objective comparability of different products that have not yet been achieved.
Stefan Czernik

Second Place: The Syma Line – Fashion with the Right Sound

2nd Place Future Talents Project 2017: Syma LineSecond place at the Future Talents Project was won by the fashion collection “The Syma Line”. The collection for men and women was developed for a masters’ degree and visualizes sound through a series of innovative techniques to give each outfit a different character.

The project aims at exploring the symbiosis between music, fashion and science, and demonstrates how sound and frequencies influence the physical world. The first two outfits of the SymaLine visualize each one sound figure by physicist Ernst Chladnis through integrated patterns. When designing the mode, laser cut patterns as well as integrated electro luminescent cables were used, which were connected to a sound sensor. As soon as the environment reaches a certain volume, the cables begin to light up.
Layla Mueller

The innovative collection has already been presented at FashionTech at the BerlinFashionWeek.

Third Place: Self-composed Film Music with Video

Pascal Wagner won third place with his self-composed film music and the fitting video. The light show “Temple Walls” was programs with Logic Pro X, Daslight 4, Easy View 2 and Final Cut Pro X.

The Future Talents Project is a competition for young talents initiated in 2016, where applicants submit projects from the fields of light, sound, stage, or event technology. In addition to tickets for the Prolight + Sound, winners receive a limited t-shirt as well as lanyards from the fair.

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