Gadget of the Week: A Mini Synth For On the Go


Have you ever thought it might be fun to have your own beats sound tracking your day? The guys at Swedish synth makers Teenage Engineering did, so they’ve developed three battery-powered synthesisers called ‘Pockets Operators’ (PO). They fit in your trouser pocket and make real synth sound a portable proposition. These are three miniature marvels: the PO-12 ‘rhythm’ drum machine, PO-14 ‘sub’ bass, and PO-16 ‘factory’ melody synthesiser.

Each mini synth has a 16-step sequencer, and a selection of 16 sounds and effects respectively. Two AAA batteries power the circuit board, display, speaker, and the mechanical buttons and switches. There are also 3.5mm line in and out jacks. The POs can be synched with other devices, and at $59 each they’re a real bargain.

Synth Streetware in the Pipeline

And Teenage Engineering still has plans for more: an entire synth range is going to be brought to market. Together with Swedish fashion label Cheap Monday (which belongs to H&M) they will be bringing out t-shirts, pins, and protective cases to go with the mini synthesisers in the near future.

You can see how the mini synth performs live in this YouTube video. Enjoy!



Picture sources: Teenage Engineering

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