Gadget of the Week: Warm ears, cool sounds

iMusic-Kopfhoerer-Muetze Gadget of the weekIt get late earlier” – autumn is definitely here. There might still be a few sunny day, but there’s already a nip in the air in the mornings. Wearing headphones on the way to work or uni can start becoming a bit of a pain at this time of year. Without a hat you get cold, with a hat you can’t get your headphones on properly. Not to worry: you can take whatever winter throws at you if you have the Gadget of the Week, the Bluetooth iMusic Beanie.

This iMusic headgear has a real trick up its sleeves (as it were) – integrated headphones that connect to your smartphone or tablet (or other device) via Bluetooth. It can be charged without fuss via USB, and there are no cables. Let’s be having you, winter! And if you don’t happen to fancy listening to music, you can always take the earpieces out and enjoy a simple old school beanie to keep your ears warm.

Autumn, thou hast thy music too!

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