Opus Award 2017: “Rocketchris” – Designer and Photographer

Dynamic, three-dimensional, unconventional: the exceptional stage to Rea Garvey’s “Get Loud Ope Air Tour 2016” was fascinating and convincing for fans and scene experts. Once again, the light and stage designer Christian “Rocketchris” Glatthor created a unique, exciting show, and dramatically staging the artist. This is why the light artist, photographer, and designer was awarded the Opus -German Stage Prize 2017 in the category in stage and lighting design.

From Party Organizer to Designer

Chris Glatthor was already organizing his first parties at the age of 14 and took care of the technical tasks. Only two years later, he was spending every weekend as LJ in the disco and was responsible for the light shows. Originally hailing from Gladbeck, the career path for Rocket Chris led to freelance work after training to be a specialist for event technology. He has been working as a light technician, operator since 2002, and more recently as a light and stage designer.

In an interview with the news and reportage magazine “EventElevator,” the light designer said the following over his work:

I think it’s great to be able to visually support what happens on stage. To try to communicate the feeling of what the artist or band want to tell the audience, to feel, and correspondingly amplify… to clarify… Light is such a strong media, which can also be so effective subconsciously. You can be part of the whole, and have great participation in the moments that are created when everything comes together.

Chris Glatthor: "Catching the moment behind the shadows” EventElevator, March 2013

From documentation to photography

In 2011 Glatthor began to photographically document his own projects as light designer. The photos that came out were so popular with many bands that he is increasingly working as a tour photographer, not just operator.

His pictures are influenced by the relationship of trust that has arose between him and the many musicians and event organizers over the years. He is able to freely move around on stage, backstage, or even on stage, and in that way, capture situations and perspectives and moods that other photographers miss. The artist had his first how with his own photography in 2013.

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