PLS 2015: Who’s Who at this Year’s Fair


New developments for a new Prolight year: exhibitors are now searchable online. Trade and other interested visitors can now get an overview of who will be taking part in Frankfurt’s biggest light, sound and events trade fair. The big innovation for 2015: for the first time, there is going to be a new special interest category, Stagery. For Stagery, even more exhibitors than in previous years will be representing stage design and equipment, as well as film production. The first big-name exhibitors have already put their names down.

They include Alfa System Sas, Bühnenbau Schnakenberg, Bütec, Chain Master Bühnentechnik, Chemtrol División Teatro, ETC, Gerriets, Maquinas Iberica, and Quinette Gallay. At this year’s Theatre and Film Colloquium, the focus is also going to be on theatre.

Prolight + Sound 2015: Presenting current trends in four main categories

But theatre isn’t the only area with a lot going on. In the Broadcast, Production and Recording category, the latest trends in studio hardware and software and microphone technology will be on display once again. Media Systems puts current developments in audio, video and communications technology on show. At the Eventplaza Conference, everything revolves once more at PLS 2015 around the event management industry, including promotions, VIP, and trade fairs.

If you are already itching to find out what awaits you at Prolight 2015, you can start browsing through the exhibitors and products 2015 list already. Enjoy, and see you on April 15th, when Messe Frankfurt will open its doors once again.

Picture source: Messe Frankfurt


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