Ultratec fog machine on

Fog Machines from Ultratec

Mystic stage imagery, atmospheric concert appearances, and scary ghost trains, all of them frequently thank their special effects to the use of fog machines. The die Ultratec special effects GmbH can be named as one of the leading producers in this field. In 2018, the American company was represented at Prolight + Sound for the…

Immersive technologies – right in the middle of everything

One of the biggest buzzwords at Prolight + Sound 2018 was “Immersive Technologies”. Whether sound systems that made new worlds of sound possible, 3D displays, or extraordinary fulldome projections, the exhibitors from these areas brought along lots of fascinating products. But what’s behind this technology? Immersive Technologies create new (live) experiences The category of Immersive…

Immersive Technology Forum Starts Today

Today the new presentation format “Immersive Technology Forum” starts. Here the visitors can learn, how they can enhance events with immersive experiences and where appropriate solutions are used in staging. The programme, designed in collaboration with experts from the field, is aimed at content producers, technical and broadcasting specialists as well as event managers and…

ProEvent is not just a category but a comprehensive resource for all those passionately engaged in the world of event planning and technology. Every event, whether small or large, requires precise planning, the right technology, and a team of experts to drive it to success. In this ever-evolving industry, continuous learning and staying updated with the latest tech are imperative.

Here at ProEvent, we place special emphasis on acquainting you with the most innovative technologies and strategies. From the latest developments in audio and video transmission, impressive lighting installations, to advanced stage constructions – we cover all facets that make an event memorable. Additionally, we offer a behind-the-scenes look, showcasing how industry professionals overcome challenges and create breathtaking experiences.

The Prolight + Sound Fair 2024 will stand as a prime example of the fusion between theory and practice. Here, you can not only witness the latest products and technologies in action but also learn from industry leaders, network with peers, and forge valuable partnerships. It’s the perfect place to be inspired, gather new ideas, and prepare for the future demands of the event industry.

In addition to the aforementioned content, we also emphasize the consideration of safety standards, sustainable event practices, and the significance of client feedback. Because a successful event isn’t just about spectacular tech, but a holistic approach as well.

In a nutshell, ProEvent is your compass in the dynamic world of events. It’s our mission to equip you with everything you need to thrive in this industry. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you at the Prolight + Sound Fair 2024, where you can experience the future of event technology firsthand. Be there and get inspired!