Sennheiser Urbanite: Market share the funny way

Werbespot zum Sennheiser Urbanite KopfhörerHow do I get my product noticed? What makes for a good advertisement? And how do I surprise my target demographic? These are questions that all business ask themselves, including Wedemark-based German audio specialists Sennheiser. The number of companies producing headphones is growing, increasing competitive pressures. Even global players like Sennheiser need to constantly innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition, stay in the public eye, and keep both music and tech fans loyal to their brand and products.

Let your ears be loved!

A man dressed as a giant headphone? That’s a new one – especially when the sentient headphone starts stroking and pampering a massive plastic ear. Yet that is the idea behind Sennheiser’s latest American advertising campaign. Taking the campaign slogan “Let your ears be loved” at face value, an ear is indeed seduced – pampered, massaged, treated to a bubble bath, even taken on a picnic in the woods.

The unusual ad is one of four videos posted to YouTube that promote the new Sennheiser headphones Urbanite. The McKinney advertising agency has the honour of coming up with the ear, which was created by Legacy Effects - who also made the Iron Man costume.

Sennheiser has made a big investment in its latest development. And that’s not the last of it, because they’ve set up a scavenger hunt for New Yorkers as well. 1,000 golden ears have been hidden somewhere in the Big Apple, and if you manage to find one, you can look forward to your own free pair of Urbanite headphones.

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