Video Mapping: An AV History Lesson

Are churches old, dusty, boring? You can’t just wave away the fact that historical buildings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But what if visiting a church could be made more visceral and exciting - like in Sant Climent de Taüll in Spain. A permanent video mapping installation in the church - accompanied by a stunning (and award-winning) audio-visual presentation - brings 12th century frescoes back to life.

Projection Mapping Brings History to Life

Once, the church was home to masterpieces of Romanesque art. Yet in the course of painstaking restoration work, they were transferred to the National Art Museum of Catalonia. That doesn’t mean that the church has been robbed of its artistic heritage, though, thanks to six high-resolution projectors that beam the original murals in amazing detail and vivid colour onto 100m2 of church wall.

Visitors can see the video mapping project at Sant Climent de Taüll, where it runs every ten minutes. It just goes to show once again that projection mapping can be a fantastic addition to all kinds of installations. It certainly has a big future ahead of it in the light, sound and events field.

The Making of the Video Mapping Project

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