England World Cup Warm Up Wembley Stadium

Lecture by Stephen Thurgood-Perry: Triggering Emotions in the Audience with innovative Special Effects

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about how visual and auditory elements can be used in live shows to engage audiences, this is a talk you can’t afford to miss! Stephen Thurgood-Perry, expert at Luminous Show Technology, will give insights into the fascinating world of sensory stimulation in the entertainment industry. He will demonstrate…


“What is your One LP?” – Exclusive insight from keynote speaker William Ellis!

Through a captivating keynote and a fascinating exhibition, the One LP project delves deep into the musical universes of blues, classical, country, folk, jazz, reggae, rock and soul. This highly acclaimed photo series impressively illuminates how music touches and shapes human life. Each picture presents a personality holding an album that is significant to them.…

AC/DC vertraut auch bei dieser Tour Patrick Woodroffe als Lichtdesigner und Show Director sowie Cosmo Wilson als Lighting Director.

MA Lighting: Realistic Fixture Control with the GrandMA3 System and GDTF

In a time when innovative solutions and technological advances are revolutionizing the performing arts, the grandMA3 system stands at the forefront of this development. Together with the General Device Type Format (GDTF), a groundbreaking initiative to standardize and simplify lighting control, this system offers unprecedented precision and flexibility in lighting technology. The lecture by Daniel…